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Wander through the heart of beautiful Prague with Travelmarvel.
Wander beneath the majestic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with Travelmarvel.
Admire the shimmering lights of Budapest with Travelmarvel.
Admire the spectacular views of Porto with Travelmarvel.
Admire the architecture in Florence Italy with Travelmarvel.

Travelmarvel offers you a choice of dream holidays across Europe. Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, through the sun-drenched cities along the Douro River or explore Russia and The Baltics. Discover Europe's rich history, culture and charm on one of our immersive land journeys.

With something for everyone, our river cruise tours allow you to truly embrace the essence of Europe. Visit magnificent fairytale castles in Germany and explore the many stunning canals through the ever-romantic Venice, Italy.

Eastern Europe

Budapest - Be spellbound by Budapest as you admire it from your luxury river ship.
Prague- Explore the city of stone bridges, gothic cathedrals and commanding castles.
Vienna - See historic landmarks and magnificent architecture on display in Austria’s capital.


Paris- Explore one of the world's most romantic cities, full of legendary monuments.

Italy & Croatia

Dubrovnik - Visit the Dominican and Franciscan monasteries with it's historic libraries.
Florence - Explore the jewel of the Renaissance, home to some of Italy's most famous names.
Sarajevo - Uncover various turns through history before exploring Plitvice Lakes National Park.
Venice - Discover the romantic canals, narrow arching bridges and magnificent landmarks.

Netherlands & Germany

Amsterdam - Explore the enchanting canals of Amsterdam on a glass-top boat.
Regensburg - Admire this Bavarian city’s well-preserved Old Town and glorious stone bridge.
Rüdesheim - Cruise the Rhine Gorge and explore its riverside towns, such as Rüdesheim.
Miltenberg - Immerse yourself in the Miltenberg culture.

Portugal and Spain 

Lisbon - Plunge into the unique flavours of Portuguese culture in this vibrant city.
Porto - Discover the Douro Valley's best kept secrets during a river cruise.
Barcelona - Wander past the incredible architecture of this cosmopolitan city. 
Madrid - Indulge in a range of culinary wonders in Spain's wondrous capital.


Moscow - Visit the cultural wonders of Kremlin, Red Square and St Basil's Cathedral.
St Petersburg - Be captivated by the grandeur of this city, home to Peterhof Palace.

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Travelmarvel offers several ways for you to explore Europe:

River CruisingLearn more about River Cruising through Europe here.
Land Journeys
Learn more about Land Journeys through Europe here.


Travelling to UK & Europe

Be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation completed to enter any of these countries, and incorrect documents may cause you delays, that affect you starting your tour.

The United Kingdom

Visa Requirements

In general tourist visitors do not need a visa for tourist to this country for a stay up to 6 months. As requirements do change depending on your country of citizenship, plus your destination within the United Kingdom it is best to check details with your nearest British High Commission.

Vaccination Requirements

Vaccinations are not required for yellow fever, malaria or cholera. For all health requirements and recommendations travelers should check with a local Department of Health.


Visa and Vaccination Requirements

Each European country has their own visa and vaccination requirements, depending on your country of citizenship. It is best to ask your travel agent to assist, or contact the appropriate embassy/high commission for further details.

Australian travellers can also consult the Smart Traveller website:

This information is correct at time of publishing. Travellers should always contact their nearest embassy or foreign office, and travel agent to confirm all their requirements for visas, vaccinations and passports.

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