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Russia, The Baltics and Scandinavia

The Iron Curtain has been lifted to reveal the wonders of Russia, from the Hermitage Museum to Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral. Crusing between St Petersburg and Moscow, you'll encounter imperial cities, romantic wooden villages and so much history. Go further and discover the Baltics, including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Or, spend some time in Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

Scandinavia & Baltics Map

Russia is calling

Enter a world where colourful domes and jewel-tone cathedrals grace the skyline. Where old towns echo with stories of the past. Where imperial charm meets the contemporary.


Cluster of buildings with orange rooves, Estonia

The Baltics

Explore more of Eastern Europe with an enthralling land journey through the beautiful and history-rich Baltics. Spend time in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for a unique insight into this fascinating region.
View of St Basil's Cathedral from statue, Moscow


Discover Russia, a country full of character, boasting enthralling cultural wonders from the Kremlin and Hermitage Museum, to the uniquely ornate underground railway stations.
View of coloured buildings infront of whalf suring the day, Norway


Scandinavia is a land awash in natural beauty and rich historical tradition. Add to the mix a vibrant culture steeped in Viking lore, it is an enthralling region of enchanting landscapes, unique cultures and charming cities not to be missed.

Our Fleet

Unique Experiences

View of Caviar snack, Russia

Authentic Flavour

Enjoy a range of traditional European, Ukrainian and Russian cuisine, as well as other specialities from the surrounding regions.
View of hotel room in Tallinn Radisson blu sky hotel, Baltics

Premium Accommodation

Relax in absolute comfort after each day of sightseeing. We’ve hand-picked some charming properties for your journey.
Two Paggengers talking to Tour Guide

Traveller Club

Traveller Club is our way of saying thanks for spending your precious holiday time with us.
Guests walking in Miltenberg, Germany

Travelmarvel Assurance

To bring you greater peace of mind, freedom and flexibility when booking and travelling with us, we’ve introduced Travelmarvel Assurance.
View of couple looking at iPad

Travelmarvel Companion App

Explore the sights of Europe with greater freedom thanks to the Travelmarvel Companion App. Includes interactive local maps, travel tips, currency conversion and more.

Insider Experiences

People with tour guide in front of fountain

Learn Russian

Brush up on your Russian during an onboard language class. Learn the basics, from 'hello' to 'thank you', which will come in handy when exploring remote riverside towns.
Grand Cascade in Peterhof Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Kizhi Island

Make sure you have your camera handy as your ship approaches the incredible Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi Island, made entirely of wood yet without any nails.
View of Balsamic Vinegar being poured into a spoon

Black Balsam Tasting

For a real local experience in Riga, you'll have the chance to try Black Balsam, a traditional Latvian herbal liqueur.