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A Traveller’s Tale - Ord River

Mary Nicholls shares the highlights of her trip to Ord River, Kununurra and uncovers what makes this destination so special.  

The 55-kilometre jet boat cruise down the Ord River was one of the highlights of our trip to Kununurra – simply breathtaking! Wildlife was abundant with crocodiles (freshwater being our preference over saltwater crocs), rock wallabies, snake birds and lily-trotters – a tiny bird with webbed feet that appears to walk on water, hence its nicknames of “lotus” or “Jesus” bird.

As we learnt of the Ord River Dam Scheme with all its agricultural, economic and social benefits, this excursion took on another level of meaning. The Ord River is a magnificent example of man respecting and utilising nature for mutual benefit, and the tour celebrated the diversity of the landscape, from rock formations to grassland and animal life.
View of cruise on Ord River, Kimberley
Even a short diversion from the main river through one of the narrow tributaries led to another chapter of the story. We saw a different kind of environment and learnt of conservation struggles caused by remnant, now rogue, cattle stock from bygone graziers.
Our afternoon cruise culminated perfectly as the jet boat skimmed across the smooth waterway of Lake Argyle towards the mooring, with the beautiful backdrop of a northern Australian sunset.
View of Ord River, Kimberely
For us, the Travelmarvel program managed to strike a perfect balance of opportunity for participants to experience, enjoy and relax throughout the trip, while also challenging our perspectives and indeed educating us on the richness, resources and breadth of opportunity Australia provides. May we never stop learning and celebrating both natural wonders and the creative talents.
View of Lake Argyle, Kimberley
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