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Meet Travelmarvel Tour Director – Tamara Makic

Tamara is a people's person who has found her ideal job as a Tour Director. She discusses the highlights of conducting land tours in Croatia and neighbouring countries Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia, as well as the destinations on her bucket list.
What does your job entail and what do you enjoy most about it? 
My job entails managing logistics, sharing history and culture and making sure that guests feel safe, well taken care of and that they have a great time! I love the endless possibilities of enriching other people's lives and them enriching my own. I love the moment when someone who was a stranger til 'yesterday' becomes a friend. It is a magical moment. I can't say really that my job is only a job, it is more my lifestyle and my calling. My role of being the filter through which my guests experience a new country is a great responsibility and joy. As a people's person who enjoys travel, a Tour Director's job is the perfect role for me.
How long have you worked for the company and what is your favourite thing about Travelmarvel? 
I've worked for Travelmarvel for five years now. If I have to list one favourite thing it would be that I feel I'm supported by a company. Travelmarvel appreciates me as a person and as a professional and makes me feel part of a family. The company always offers possibilities to develop in a professional sense and believes in our potential. It is very important to me that I can count on their assistance in urgent situations. Travelmarvel respects their clients. Most of our guests have travelled with the company many times and will travel again because they know that they are getting the best service and professional approach in a friendly atmosphere. It really matters. It is definitely by far the best company that I've ever worked for during the past 20 years.
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What has been your favourite on-tour moment and why? 
We were on the way from Croatia to Slovenia, it was a rainy, cold and windy day. Suddenly on the road in front of us there was a big tree that had collapsed. There was a long waiting time for road service to come and to remove the tree. So, as with the tree, to cut a long story short, we first helped to remove smaller branches to open the road for cars to pass. Our bus, however, was too big to pass so, while waiting for assistance, we sang songs on the microphone. Everyone performed their song with great enthusiasm and then we started telling jokes. The atmosphere in the bus was so fun that we were almost sad when road service came and we moved on with our itinerary. We had such a great time together that the waiting time passed in the blink of an eye. 
What does travel mean to you?
I can say that I truly started to know myself when I started to travel. It was like a window to the outer world and into my inner world. I was 17 when I travelled for the first time by myself. Since then travel has become essential to me, within my county and abroad. I like to leave the routine of everyday life and to step out of my comfort zone. I enjoy being a part of different cultures, interacting with local people and discovering the countries where I travel. The unknown world becomes familiar and makes me feel like a citizen of the world. Travel makes my own world grow and expand. It helps me understand human nature, enriches my senses and, finally, teaches me that, no matter our differences, deep inside we are all the same. 
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What destination is 'calling' you? 
I have been to India several times and I look forward to my next visit to this amazing part of the world. The colours, fragrances, hospitality of its people and the smiles in the children's eyes are calling me back over and over again. Australia and New Zealand are at the top of my bucket list. I want to know the homelands better of the beautiful people that I am privileged to work with. Can't wait to visit!