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Russia River Cruising

Step aboard our delightful river ship in Moscow or St Petersburg for a leisurely exploration along Russia’s waterways. River cruising offers a unique opportunity to experience the life, rural scenery and culture outside of Russia’s large cities. There are so many mysteries waiting around every river bend. 

St Basils Cathedral and Red Square at sunset, Russia

Safe and Convenient

There’s a lot of ground to cover in Russia. Thanks to the convenience of river cruising, you’ll cross vast distances with ease and in complete safety.
View of Kizhi Island, Russia

From Cities to the Country

The country’s two major drawcards are St Petersburg and Moscow but Russia has so much more to offer along its waterways – from wooden villages to imperial cities.
MS Rossia Updated

The MS Rossia

Life aboard our river ship in Russia, the MS Rossia, is relaxed and casual. This refurbished vessel offers a personalised experience with a maximum of 224 passengers on board.

MS Rossia

Cruise by Russia’s picturesque scenery on board the MS Rossia as you follow the Volga, Svir and Neva rivers, as well as the many lakes this marvellous country has to offer.
Ms Rossia Tzar Bar

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