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Your Personal Travelmarvel Companion App

Allow the Travelmarvel Companion app to be your own personal travel assistant on your next journey. Access a daily tour itinerary, tailor your independent discovery with local interactive maps, receive real time messages from your Travelmarvel Tour Director and utilise other everyday travel essentials. Don't leave home without your Companion app!

Travelmarvel Companion App Features

Features include: itinerary, map, currency converter, budget, weather and feedback.
Take a look through our gallery and learn more about how the Travelmarvel Companion App can take your next trip with Travelmarvel to the next level!

Concierge Home Screen

Log In and Homepage

To login, have your booking number and passenger details ready. Upon login, you will be taken to the home screen, where a range of features await. Tap “More” or click the drop down icon for more options.
Concierge Itin Screen


Discover a hassle-free way to view your travel itinerary, this is the hub for all your daily movements and journey whilst on your tour. Make sure you stay up to date and on the move with Travelmarvel!
Concierge Weather Screen


Displaying a wealth of metereological data for each city you visit, such as current conditions, extended forecasts and sunrise/sunset times, this feature will ensure that you won't get caught out in the rain again.
Concierge Maps Screen


Discover hidden gems anywhere you go and build your own personal travel guide. With detailed maps available for download and offline use, continue to explore even without a Wi-Fi connection.
Concierge Budget Screen

Budget and Currency Converter

With this pocket converter, search multiple currencies and make quick conversions. Track how you are spending your holiday funds; convert from the currency you are using on tour, back into your home currency.
Concierge Feedback Screen


Here at Travelmarvel, we value your feedback, That is why it is collected- to help us better understand how satisfied you are and to keep improving, while ensuring the tours we deliver are of the highest quality.

Download Our New Travel App

Google Play Resized

Android Users

Download the free app by searching for Travelmarvel Companion on Google Play. Find the Travelmarvel icon on your device and tap to open the app. To ensure that you receive real time, valuable and relevant updates on tour, we advise that you enable push notifications and location services when you download Travelmarvel Companion.

iOS Users

Download the free app by searching for Travelmarvel Companion in the App Store. Find the Travelmarvel icon on your device and tap to open the app. To ensure that you receive real time, valuable and relevant updates on tour, we advise that you enable push notifications and location services when you download Travelmarvel Companion.


  • What devices does the app work on?
    Travelmarvel’s Companion app works on all Apple devices (running iOS 9 and above), as well as all Android devices (using Jellybean 4.1 and above).

  • How much does the app cost?
    Travelmarvel’s Companion app is free to download on the Apple App or Google Play Store. The app does use a data, so data usage charges may apply from your mobile network provider. 

  • Is the app available in all countries?
    Yes, the app is available in every country through the App Store.

  • Does the app require an internet connection to work?
    Most functions can be accessed offline and will remain available for use regardless of connectivity. Maps however must be manually downloaded in advance. This can be achieved by clicking the ‘cloud’ icon, bottom right of the screen. However, when on holiday, avoid international roaming charges by either turning data roaming off or being mindful of usage. Travelmarvel recommends connecting to Wi-Fi in advance or joining free Wi-Fi hotspots, within most major cities.

  • Why should Notifications be turned on?
    To help us keep you informed with important information and provide valuable updates related to your tour. When you download Travelmarvel’s Companion app, we advise you to enable Notifications. You may also wish to permit Location Services, which will allow the app to tailor relevant geographical results.

  • How can I manage or stop the notifications?
    You can manage your alerts from the Notification Center on an Apple device, or within the settings area on an Android. Here, you can adjust your settings accordingly.

  • I have forgotten my login details. How can I find it?
    For app access, a valid booking number and all passenger details (as per passport or as it appears on your booking) are required. Be mindful that this is case sensitive, and all details must be spelt correctly. If you have misplaced these details, please contact Travelmarvel for assistance.
  • Where can I find my booking number?
    Your 7 digit booking number will be printed on the front page of your invoice or printed travel documentation. Please ignore the invoice number after the hyphen (ex 1234567 – 1) as this is not required for login.

  • Can I save my login information so I don’t have to enter my details each time?
    To ensure your login details are secure on your device, the app does not allow you to save them for future access. You can however remain logged into the app throughout your tour to enable you to complete your Online Feedback and access the great travel tools available in the app.

  • How do I change my profile?
    You can update your details in the app, up until your travel documentation has been issued (approx. six weeks prior to departure). To make changes after this time please contact your travel agent or our reservations teams for assistance.

  • I can see my profile on this app but cannot find a way to navigate to my travelling partner’s profile?
    For privacy and security reasons we do not allow multiple passenger profile details to be displayed under one login. Each passenger is required to log into the app separately to view their own profile and travel information. You can however complete the Online Feedback for both passengers (when travelling on the same booking number) under one profile by selecting ‘Both Passengers’ when you first start your Online Feedback.

  • Why does my tour itinerary not appear in the app?
    While we endeavour to provide all our guests with their tour itinerary within the app there are some cases where this is not possible. If your itinerary is not available, please refer to your printed travel documentation.

  • Why do my maps not display for my tour?
    While we endeavour to provide all our guests with the tour maps within the app there are some cases where city or town maps are not available for the region/area you are visiting. Your Tour/Cruise Director will be able to assist you with local information, should you require it.

  • When does my Feedback Form need to be completed?
    All guests on tour will have access to the online feedback forms from the first day of tour. The forms can be completed progressively as you travel or as you wish. We ask that all forms be completed and ‘Submitted’ for processing by the last day of the tour.

  • How can I add additional information to my completed Feedback Form?
    Providing additional information or making changes to your answers in the forms can be done at any time provided you have not ‘Completed’ the form for assessment. Once the form is submitted it will be locked and no changes can be made.


Handy Hints

- Have ‘Notifications’ activated on your device. This ensures you receive the latest updates from your Tour/Cruise Director while on tour.
- Download and log into the app before you leave home. Remaining logged in on tour will help you quickly answer the feedback forms as you travel.
- Ensure you have the latest version of the app downloaded to your device from the App Store or Google Play.


If you experience technical issues while using the Travelmarvel Companion app on your devices, or require further assistance use the App Support function which is located within the app itself or feel free to email our friendly support team who are on hand to solve all your app related queries.

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