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A Game Park Experience to see the famous Big Five is a must-do, and myriad of birdlife awaits.


Despite Asia's other-worldliness you'll never feel unwelcome thanks to the friendly locals you will meet along the way.


This astounding continent will excite, inspire and amaze you.

Canada and Alaska

Explore every angle of North America with APT's luxury journeys.


Europe is a unique continent that boasts centuries of history, a breadth of diverse culture and natural landscapes that capture the imagination.

New Zealand

A nation abounding with breathtaking beauty, a rich culture and friendly people, New Zealand welcomes travellers seeking a true escape from the ordinary.

Russia, Scandinavia and The Baltics

South America

Discover age-old culture, evocative beauty, colourful and passionate people, vibrant cities and perplexing history on this continent.