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Responsible Tourism

Travelmarvel, as a part of the APT Group has long been committed to responsible tourism. We have continually focused on achieving best practice in economic, social and environmental responsibility.

What is Responsible Tourism?

The world is waking up to the need for more sustainable ways of travelling, and here at the APT Travel Group (ATG) we understand we have a responsibility to our planet. Responsible travel is all about being socially and culturally aware, minimising our environmental footprint and travelling in a way that takes into consideration the locals, environment and individual cultures. We encourage this sustainable way of travel through journeys with the ATG companies of APT, Travelmarvel, TravelGlo, Captain’s Choice and Botanica World Discoveries.

Our Vision

Our vision of conscientious travel involves protecting the environment, respecting local communities and ensuring the wellbeing of the individuals within those communities. 


We aim to achieve this by embracing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to make a more powerful impact, we have chosen to focus on the following SDGs: Good Health and Wellbeing, Quality Education and Life on the Land. 

Path between two sections of a wine vineyard on sunny day, Australia

Our Responsible Travel Commitments

ATG cares about giving its guests unforgettable journeys – ones that benefit everyone involved. We endorse various initiatives across the company, working together so you can travel with the assurance that the places you visit are impacted positively. Below is a snapshot of the various initiatives we are running.
One Tomorrow Charitable Fund

OneTomorrow Charitable Fund

By forming OneTomorrow, a not-for-profit initiative of the APT Travel group, we are taking the necessary steps towards responsible travel, continually finding ways to move closer to the ultimate goal of sustainability. Through guest and workplace giving programs, and a range of fundraising efforts, we are collectively working to help people and places around the world.

Reducing Plastic Waste on Tour

For each minute of every single day, the equivalent of a truckload of plastic enters our world’s waterways. At ATG, it is part of our vision to change this. From July 2019, all single-use plastic bottles have been removed on Travelmarvel Mekong and Irrawaddy river cruises. Brand-new Travelmarvel ships on Europe’s waterways are now fitted with environmental water stations and reusable bottles. And on journeys aboard Noble Caledonia ships, refillable water bottles are provided to all guests. We are continuing to work with our supplier partners in these areas to work towards eliminating single-use plastic bottles in other areas on tour.

View of fishing boat on the Irrawaddy river, Myanmar
King George Falls, Kimberley Western Australia

Supporting Indigenous Communities in the Kimberley

EcoTourism Certificate

APT has been leading the way in touring to the Kimberley for a significant time, offering tours that have minimal impact on the natural environment. APT are the only major tour operator to have Advanced Eco-Certification in the Kimberley.


Partnership with the Wunan Foundation

APT also partners with the Wunan Foundation, a community-based initiative which represents the Indigenous communities in the East Kimberley. For over 15 years, APT has been working with Wunan to deliver their touring program, assist with financial investment in the region through the development of several permanent wilderness lodges, as well as offering employment opportunities for local Indigenous people.

Respecting Local Cultures

Throughout journeys with the APT Travel Group, we place a heavy importance on respecting the rights, history, culture and dignity of local and Indigenous people, wherever we go. Encountering local cultures is often the highlight of travelling the world, and it’s important as visitors that we honour them.

Happy Peruvian woman walking through a field
Stilted accommodation surrounded by large deck among the green trees

Plant-a-Tree Scheme

We’ve reduced the amount of paper used company-wide, choosing to go digital wherever possible. We envision a future where guests on tour with the APT Travel Group will be able to opt to receive their travel documents electronically. When you choose to go paper-free, the OneTomorrow Charitable Fund will plant a tree in a bushfire-stricken community. This way, we can help support a more sustainable future.