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Cruise and Tour Directors

Looking after you isn't our job - it's our passion. At Travelmarvel, we know that great service is about going above and beyond, which is why our staff have a 98% satisfaction rating on average from our guests.

Adela Trnkova

Based in Prague, Adela is one of our outstanding Tour Directors, where she is fluent in speaking both English and Slovak.

Anja Wauters

With the ability to speak six languages and being an interpreter by occupation, Anja is an incredible Cruise Director in Europe.

Cheri Coll

Cheri enjoys travelling through the different European countries we visit. Cheri likes each one for their spell bounding scenery, diversity in food, people and culture.

Cherie Cooper

Cherie has been a Europe Cruise Director since 2007. Cherie brings exceptional knowledge of each region.

Jaqi Mifflin

With other 23 years’ experience in the travel industry, Jaqi has travelled extensively throughout Canada and the USA. She loves taking guests through the Canadian Rockies.
Enjoy these travel tips from local experts, providing the inside word on top local experiences and advice on the best location within each destination.


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