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Let's Get Back Out There!

APT Travel Group brands, APT and Travelmarvel, are launching an exciting new advertising campaign, ‘Travel Is calling’.


We caught up with Vanesa Russack, General Manager Marketing and Digital, who told us about the story behind the concept, and why we’re so excited to “get back out there”.

“The theme ‘Travel is calling’ is a celebration of our love of travel and an important acknowledgement that travel is an enriching part of all our lives,” Vanesa says.


“We focused the campaign on the reality of future travel, and we’re excited to launch it around our domestic, trans-Tasman and international journeys.


atg general manager digital and marketing vanesa russack

“APT Travel Group are investing in the future, and we are thrilled to launch our new programs this year – Private Air Tours, Walking Holidays and Luxury Short Breaks.


“With beautiful imagery and emotive messaging, this campaign is designed to encourage you to get in contact and book your next APT or Travelmarvel adventure.

“We hope you enjoy our video unveiling this exciting concept.” 

Travel is calling, Let’s get back out there!